Who We Are



To act as a strong resident’s association, committed to long-term assistance.

To maintain South Osborne as a healthy and vibrant residential area:

  • by keeping our neighbourhood safe, our environment peaceful and green;
  • by promoting the existing heritage character of the community;
  • by promoting the historical significance of the area; and
  • by promoting responsible change and development in the area.

To encourage suitable policies pertaining to housing, parks and recreation,       transportation, industry, commercial and other community services.

To formulate planning proposals, by-laws and other initiatives that reflect the concerns and address the long-term needs of South Osborne.

To inform all residents in the South Osborne area of planning proposals, projects, and implementation strategies.

To encourage all residents to consider, to advise and to vote on planning proposals, on projects, and on implementation strategies.

To give residents a forum for preserving and improving our neighbourhood’s characteristics.


Website: southosborneresidentsgroup.wordpress.com

Former website: savelordrobertsarea.wordpress.com

E-mail: southosborneresidentsgroup@gmail.com

(We are a non-partisan group of community-minded neighbours who incorporated a resident’s association in April 2012.   Formerly known as Save Lord Roberts Area Coalition.) 


1 thought on “Who We Are”

  1. Esther Korchynski said:

    Keep Lord Roberts as a neighbourhood with single family homes. The area is too small for many large projects which will increase traffic. Street parking will become too crowded. This is a good family area with a nice variety of income and ethnic groups. Let us keep it that way.

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